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I have no idea what is wrong with me and i don't have insurance or the money to go to the doctor now. So if anyone can give me some words of support or if anyone of you have had similar symptoms, i would appreciate it...

It was 2006, summer, i had an accident. I fell down from a ladder, from a distance of around 5 feet high. I won't go into details of why i fell down but i will say that i landed right on my back and i remember my head hitting the dirt bad. I layed down there for about a minute because i couldn't breathe right and my back hurt. Finally i got up and saw some scratches and bruises. the next day my neck was killing me. The pain was on the left side of upper neck. I wasn't able to move my head to the left side. The pain left in about a week.

And 7 months passed without nothing happening to me. But then 2007 came. I had turned 25 in january, i even started dating someone! But the symptoms started. By the end of January i started to feel a weird pain on my right shoulder blade. I did some research and i blamed the pain on a small bump that i have had, i read that lipomas sometimes get bigger and begin to disturbed local nerves. So i went to the doctor and he removed the bump. Which was much bigger than what it apperead. Twice as big.

The pain left once i regained my shoulder. After the "mini surgery" it took me a week or so before i was able to finally move my shoulder normally. It was after 2 weeks from the mini surgery when more symptoms started. Right around the end of February, I started to get muscle twictches, all over my body. I also started to get a lot of numbness and tingling in both of my arms. I also started to notice that whenever i blow my nose there are always tiny blood spots. My nose doesn't bleeds but if i blow my nose, there is always tiny blood spots, that hasn't stop since. Also i developed some kind of lumps on both of my hands. They are not lipomas, they appeared to be liquidish... they dont cause any pain so i dont worry about those. I started to take vitamins thinking that the muscle twitching could be caused by low magnesium levels, they have decreased, i used to get them 15-25 times per day and now it is only 3-9 times per day. However something else started, yes another symptom! I noticed one of my middle fingers of my right hand was moving on its own. I would not say it was twitching, this was a constant movement, hardly noticeable, it was like that non-stop for days. It stopped eventually but then i started to get burning sensations on my some fingers. That only happened a couple of times.

Anyway what got me here is my latest symptom. I get weird headaches, they aren't that painful but they worry me because they don't have a pattern. At 1st it was on my forehead, left side of it.. then it moved to the back of my head, and now it is at the lower left side neck/head. The headaches are not constant, they come and go, and like i said, it hurts but is a minor pain. I have never had migraines before so i doubt this is that. And one more thing i forgot to mention is that i have woken up 3 times with my arms completely numb. One time it was my left arm and 2 times it happened to my right arm.

also worth mentioning:
i feel kind of tired but not to the point that i will stop my daily activities.
i have a weird pain on my left wrist and left knee. doesnt stops me from playing basketball though.
and last, my veins appeared to be sticking out, they are more visible now than ever before.

And that is it... If anyone knows anything related to my symptoms or something? please some help :)... i will be really grateful towards you. Thanks.

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