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May 6, 2007
Sorry in advance for the long post! I hope that this will be read and would GREATLY appreciate any insight anyone can offer.

As some background, I was recently diagnosed as having Multiple Sclerosis based on 5 brain lesions, an eye condition closely associated with that disease and past history. To clarify the "history" part, the vast majority of things I relayed to the doctor have been experienced by almost every single person I know. There is clinical criteria for an MS diagnosis (which I meet) so I'm not disputing that. HOWEVER (and the reason that I'm posting here) is that in my gut, I think there is something else going on and am not convinced that the tingling problems I'm experiencing are in fact due to MS -- or at least not entirely.

I had a bad injury about 4 years ago -- fell backwards and banged my lower left back HARD against a protruding piece of concrete. I could barely move and was very THANKFUL that I could! I knew I had done something really bad. I got myself to the doctor. They did an x-ray to confirm that nothing was broken but did NOT do an MRI. For the last 4 years my back has never felt the same. It's STILL tender to the touch in the area I hurt and my back is all out of wack. I feel so silly now to have dismissed this and at a prior point in time (with more financial freedom) I would have addressed it by going to the chiropractor. Any feelings about chiropractic treatments aside, the point is, I just thought it was my back being out of whack and rather than spend the money, I lived with the back pain, tenderness to the touch on the injured site and sometime tingling.

So now, knowing that neuropathy is involved (the MS diagnosis and understanding more about the brain, nerves and signals to the body made me realize this), I wonder, under what circumstances (besides MS) could the following symptoms occur and how should I go about dealing with this? Believe it or not, I forgot to mention this to my neurologist -- he's an MS specialist so we only talked about that and I was pretty much in a state of shock when I saw him! He ordered additional MRIs but only for the upper part of the spine and another of the brain.

Again, my injury was on the lower left part of my back -- and MOST of the symptoms are on my LEFT side of my body, aside for some tingling in my right hand and foot. Before I became aware that there was tingling on the right (granted, this MS diagnosis has made me ULTRA-aware!) the more prominent/passing "falling asleep" episodes were noticable on my left. My left arm went limp twice (thankfully only for a period of about a minute or two) and as cited in a thread below (which actually inspired me to finally post here), the front of my left thigh is reddish -- like the veins are more pronounced toward the surface. The hot/cold sensations I feel seem to pretty much be limited to that left leg -- when I get out of the shower the left thigh is noticably hot and the veins/reddness is more pronounced. Other times there is kind of like an "inner draft" -- a kind of cool shot.

I WILL tell the neurologist but I wonder -- does this sound like there these things might in fact be due to some neurological damage I sustained when I injured myself (and ignored for several years)? If so, what type of nerve damage was possible -- is it correctable, and if so, how? Does it seem like I need more complete MRIs of my spine than just the upper (brain stem) one he ordered? I've also posted on the back problems board asking if this could be due to sciatica. :confused:

Again, sorry for the long post -- thanks in advance for any insight!

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