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Not sure where to post this thread as I am not sure what is wrong with me. About 5 weeks ago I noticed a small area on the outer side of my upper left arm (half way between my shoulder and my elbow) that felt sensitive to touch. Almost like a bruise, but didn't hurt to press on it. I would notice my shirt sleeve rubbing against it. I didn't think anything about it, I thought I must have ran into something and it was a sore spot. Then several days later I started waking up at night when I moved a certain way. I like to sleep with my arm under my head and pillow. Soon after that I was setting my pocketbook on the floorboard behind me in the van, and as I made the motion to go up and behind me with my purse I felt alot of pain. I could not complete the motion. After that I started to try moving my arm in all sorts of positions to see what hurt and what didn't. I cannot go out to the side and then on behind me without feeling pain, it sometimes hurts or feels tight in the upper arm and shoulder when I try to reach across my body to my right shoulder, and it also hurts sometimes when I reach my arm straight up, just as I get to the position when my arm is completely straight. I have tried lifting many things to make sure I have no muscle weakness, and there isn't any. For the most part I only feel any kind of pain when I move my arm a certain way. However; lately I am noticing that I am tensing the muscles in my shoulder because I am so worried about what is wrong.
After the first 2 weeks I saw my doctor. He did some arm movement test and said it was rotator cuff syndrome and prescribed anti-inflammatories for 30 days. A week later I had to take my son to a different doctor at the same office. Told this doc about what was gong on with me, and that I had been taking the meds for a week with no change. He said take for a few more days and if no improvement, make another appointment. I went back last Friday and he did more arm movement tests and an x-ray. The x-ray was normal, but he said was NOT rotator cuff, or bursitis. He said I sprained the exterior muscles in my arm, and needed to rest my arm and stop moving my arm a millon different ways each day to see if it hurt when I did it. Keep taking the meds, rest my arm, and if not better in 2 weeks then physical therapy. I told him I was VERY concerned that this was something neuromuscular since I had not injured my arm in any way I could remember. He said he didn't THINK so. I suggested an MRI, and he said not yet.

I am scared to death that there is something very wrong. I know I have anxiety issues when it comes to health related problems, but sometimes I feel like the docs don't listen. This is my body and my health at stake, not his. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions or had anything like this before. Thanks for a place to post fears and concerns.

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