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i had a huge increase in all my more neuropathic type pain with also increased an already present type of RLS component i have in my RSD was hidious.quick,very quick taper was done and that was even worse than while "on' the cymbalta.nasty for me is always possibleto have an increase with neuropathic type pain when tryig just about any of the types of meds we have to take to try and control this crap we live have to remember that the nerves themselves are screwed up in some way(or we would not actually have that pain at all) and very unpredictable in how they will actually respond to any med that controls any level of nerve synapses and just kind of comes with the territory from what i have been reading with many other people with nerve damage of some sort.damaged nerves are just unpredictable and kind of have their own little agenda.all you can do really is the trial and error stuff with any med.everyone is very highly individual as to their body make up and actual damage and will respond in their own personal way to any type of med we take,not just meds for neuropathic pain,you know what i mean?good luck,marcia

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