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[QUOTE=john449;3233844]There's quite a bit on this in the Carpal Tunnel bboard..[/QUOTE]

Hi There

I had this surgery on June 11/07. I had swelling and bruising from the shoulder to hand and was bandaged for 10 days. I then went to have the staples removed and started physiotherapy a week later. I was pretty sore, could not bend at the elbow due to the inflammation and painful bruising. The scar and area were very tender and sensitive to materials/touch but I massaged a couple times a day over the scar especially with cocoa butter to reduce scar tissue. across the scar more than along it. The incision healed great but it was pretty tender and sensitive, still is a little. It was suggested that I expose the scar and area to different textures. Wow that hurt sometimes.I was taking very little pain medication but icing and anti-inflammatories.

At physio, which I am just finishing this week we worked mostly on regaining full range of motion so I could complete my daily living tasks at least. As able I have been working on strengthening. I am still uncomfortable at times but improving slowly. My Surgeon told me I am progressing slower than he thought so I guess it is different for all dependant on the compression, how long it had been a problem for example.
Hope this sheds a little light on what you may expect although we all do heal differently. Stay positive, ride out the not so good days and good luck.


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