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[QUOTE=hygieneguru;2994191]Hi all,

I am having ulnar nerve transposition surgery for cubital tunnel syndrome on May 30th. Can anyone tell me what post op to expect. I am ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED!! I am a dental hygienist and am wondering how long I will be out of work. Can anyone give me any info???


Hi I wanted to respond. I am a dental hygienist too. I am having carpal tunnel, and ulner nerve surgery for cubital tunnel two surgeries. I am worried about it affecting my fingers and the fine motor skills needed to do my job. What we do is very some of those ladies pain stakingly making quilts with those needles (the old fashioned way) u get mmy point...holding needles...i hope i dont loose my fine moter skills. I was wondering if the other hygienist on here had her surgery and has been able to return to work yet, and was there any perm. affects?

I also am wondering for those who had the pain prior to surgery if it went up your arm , crossed over your shoulder and shot down towards your scapula over towards the rotator cuff area? I know its all affected. They know now it is the medial nerve causing the wrist, then stubbled across the ulnar being the culprit for the elbow...I am wondering now, if there is some other nerve at the top of the should causing the rotator area. Man I will be so glad to get this taken care of. The pain has just been unbelievable! I told my husband if I had to go into another career, I sure dont know what I am going to do with no hands...hmmm maybe i can test out foot massagers and tell them if they feel good!

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