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I've been seeing the neuro for about 9 months now, and she's about to refer me to a Rheumatologist. Seems now to be humoring me. In the last year, I've been given 2 MRI's, had an EKG, EMG/NCV test, had my blood sugar tested, all kinds of blood work-ups, been in the ER as the whole left side of my body went numb, am now seeing a Lyme Literate dr to at least rule out chronic Lyme. Been to an allergist, been tested for Celiac, Lupus, MS, RA, you name it. Neuro can't figure it out, says I don't even have Fibro. I'm 32, and my current diagnosis is "Polymyalgia Rheumatica", which is typically diagnosed in people over the age of 50. :dizzy: (So frankly, I'm not buying it!) I am anemic, though. And I have 3 nodules in my thyroid (one of which will require a FNA).

Have been on Neurontin (didn't work), Topamax (worked fine for a while), Elavil (didn't work), and Zanaflex (make spasticity worse).

[B]Here are my [I]current[/I] symptoms:[/B]

burning, pins & needles on various parts of body
sensitivity to bright lights & sunlight, causing headaches, migraines
over-active bladder, trouble completely emptying bladder
frequent diarreah (with nausea) -(sometimes weekly)
muscle cramps in legs, feet, forearms, hands
arthritis? in all major joints
frequent dizziness
hot flashes
left ear sensitive to loud noise
jaw occasionally tender to touch, and some random pains
bone pain
skin on hands extremely dry
year-round allergies, frequent sinus infections
heart palpitations

(For those with the time)
[B]My time line of issues:[/B]

[U]1983-84'[/U]- scabies

[U]1986/87?[/U]- tick bite on back, a while later, swollen lymph node under left arm

[U]Pre 1998[/U]- from jr high, on- “growing pains” in legs, hip pains (joints popping), incident of Fifth Disease

[U]1991-92[/U]- frequent (sometimes severe) gastro issues. collapsed at school- feet gave out. rash on back of left thigh (circular).

[U]1993-94'[/U] - chronic bronchitis. Given amoxy, then erythro to get rid of it.

[U]1995-'96[/U]- spot removed from back, near area of tick bite. nurse mentions high blood pressure.

[U]1996/'97[/U]- got really sick. bad sore throat. could barely talk. could barely hear myself talk

[U]approx 1998[/U]- odd sensations in arm, slight pain, tingling, pins & needles

[U]April 1999[/U]- chest pains (left side), heavy sensation on chest w/pains down left arm. sharp stabbing pains. (chest xray, EKG normal)

[U]Nov 2000[/U]- severe pain in left arm. weak, painful to lift/use arm. sensations lasting for weeks.

[U]Aug 2001[/U]- tested for carpal tunnel (none), normal EKG & chest xray.

[U]Aug- April '02[/U]
(first pregnancy)- circular rash on back of left thigh. (same rash as before). other rashes on chest and abdomen. Dr mentions thyroid levels "off". Issues with blood pressure?

[U]January-Sept '03[/U]
(second preg.)- shooting pains down side of right leg, when laying on left side. sciatic nerve pains down right leg, heart palpitations

[U]Sept '04[/U]- big toe on right foot partially numb, pins & needles. has remained. frequent/weekly diarreah (with nausea)

[U]March-April '05[/U]- pain in right side of ribs, back area (lasted weeks)

[U]2006[/U]- spasticity in left thigh. breast pain. sono & mammo- spot found is "normal"

[U](Aug-Dec '06)[/U]- electrolytes, kidney function, blood count, ESR normal. EMG/NCV normal. tested for Lupus, MS, had MRI- normal. (some bone deformity noted at base of spine. "birth defect").

[U]March-April '07[/U]- knee pain, warmth. tested for Celiac (neg.). pain in left elbow, shoulder. subsided, moved to other side. Pain in knees. spasms/bloating/gnawing in upper abd. Tightening in neck and shoulders for 3+ weeks. Pain in right side of back, in ribs.

[U]April 23 '07[/U]- cramping in left thigh (and abd. spasms). Entire left side of body- pins & needles & buzzing. ER dr says Anemic, not sure what happened?

[U]April 26 '07[/U]- Cramps in right thigh and calf, and in left foot.

[U]April 27 '07[/U]- dizziness, with wierd feeling in ear (like being in a fishbowl)

[U]May 4 '07[/U]- tested for H. Pylori (negative). MRI of c-spine, w/ & w/out contrast. Shows degernation, mass in thyroid.

[U]May 7 '07[/U]- thyriod Ultrasound- 3 nodules. 2.5cm, "solid". Others 3mm each.

[U]May 8-9th '07[/U]- frequent twitching at base of right thumb.

[U]May 10 '07[/U]- LLMD. notes prev. exposure to EBV, and once had mono. on 500mg amoxy, 2 pills 4x/day.

[U]May 22-23 '07[/U]- spasm or cramp?, in right forearm-wrist & right foot, in arch. (on may 25, spasms lasting 1 min.) occurred approx every 7 minutes.

If you bothered to read any of that, I appreciate it! LOL The last time I posted my symptoms in a similar forum (re: undiagnosed issues), it was suggested I be tested for Lyme. As I said, I've gone to the LLMD, who said that some symptoms do sound like Lyme, but others do not. So there was additional testing, and I'm on the antibiotics to see if it helps, and I guess if I herx. But if I don't have lyme, I don't know what the heck is going on! All of this due to thyroid? Or what? I'm at the point (again) where I'm tired of going to the dr to figure this out. Tired of wasting my money, and being told I have NOTHING wrong with me (except for now the thyroid?). :confused:

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