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:eek: I'v been to neurologist who tells me vaguely i hav a "neropathy" and leaves it at that. i take 600 mg of neurontin 3X daily which helped but now apparently when next go to GP i'll need to ask if can increase dosage, again, as beginning to re-experience pain, mostly but not exclusively at night. Sympthons include RLS and pains mostly in skin & just under skin that feel lik stinging nettles, needles & pins, burning matches, thousands of gnat & other insect bites, jabs, burning itches, cold water dripping or pouring on back, etc. Plus occasional muscle pains/cramps/aches, i'm sure some out ther kno whereof i speak. As near as i can figure out and doctors hav not contradicted my take on it, my nerve endings are sending incorrect pain messages to my brain. They sed most likely th nerves or nerve endings are deteriorating and th above pains are what th brain & body thinks is happening. Pain is real (some nights i cry) but th causes being all th above stimuli is obviously false. Med makes me absentmided & at my age don need any help going that direction. Is ther any nutritional and/or supplemental aids i could be takin instead of neurontin, or take along wit th med that will help prevent increasing dosages every 10-12 months? I'm sure increased exercise and water intake will help, as they are the very first lines of prevention and treatment, but any other suggestions? Thanx for reading, here's to your good health. La Loca

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