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[QUOTE=craigsg;3012895]Hi Everyone,

I have Ulnar nerve problems. It started over a year ago and its not really gone away. Here is what i have had done and if anyone has any kind of similar story please contact me if you have any advice:

1: Left arm ulnar entrapment at elbow. Had an operation called an epicondelectomy (they remove the end of your funny bone). Weeks later I had the same problems.
2: Left arm sub muscular ulnar nerve transposition. symptoms came back.
3: Right arm sub muscular transposition. No more symptoms.
4: While the above op was being performed my surgeon noticed that i had snapping triceps so part of my right tricep was removed. It hurt but now its fine.
5: Right hand carpal tunnel surgery.

I am due to go back and see my surgeon. I am going to have part of my left tricep muscle removed in the hope that it will stop my left elbow pain. But then there is another problem. The symptoms I have (tingling 4th and 5th fingers, burning hand, wrist pain, etc) are different in my left arm now. Though i still have elbow pain my fingers go numb specifically when using my hand doing the following things: opening bottles and jars, typing, driving, holding onto handles etc. Can your ulnar nerve compress in your wrist too and could I actually be THAT unlucky? I trust my surgeon completely and he's great but I just feel like this is excessive now![/QUOTE]

I'll say it's excessive! I know you posted a long time ago and I hope you have had some resolution to your problems. I experienced all the symptoms you describe doing the same activities and had the ulnar nerve transposition 3 and 1/2 mos. ago. I have improved alot but it is SO slow. The numbness/ pain is really subsiding as time goes on but my range at the elbow was a problem. I saw a chiropractor and he discovered a problem in my neck which could have been the problem of nerve entrapment from the very beginning. I wonder now if I had gone that route first if the surgery would have been necessary at all. Food for thought. Healing thoughts to you. PS yes the nerve can entrap anywhere from your spine (C vertebrae) right to the wrist. My chiropractor is now working on my neck right down to the wrist and the results are great.
[QUOTE=craigsg;322***4]Hi thanks for posting. I had more surgery to further release the nerve. I had a terrible time, the surgeon was removing scar tissue from the nerve and now I have total paralysis in my ulnar nerve from above the elbow. I have no sensation at all, the muscles are wasting and I have ulnar nerve clawing. It pretty much sucks. Now I need to wait two years to see if its going to get any better....[/QUOTE]

Hey Craig

Gee, not so good huh? I still have some partial numbing above and around the elbow, muscle is wasted and may not recover completely but since the surgery the clawing of that hand has improved. I massage the scar with cocoa butter regularly as well as the areas that are numb and sensitive. sometimes this is uncomfortable but I am sure it has helped avoid excessive scarring in the area. I also expose the scar and numb area to different textures of material ie; corduroy, scratchy material, soft stuff so as to help it desensitize. Yes this can be uncomfortable too but again I think it is helping my body heal a little more normally. Physio appts are still 3x a week where I work on full range of motion and whatever muscle strengthening I can handle. It varies from day to day (min to min as you know). I just recently (15 months after injury, 3 1/2 after surgery) started to see a chiropractor who finds that some of my ulnar entrapment is coming from my neck vertebrae. After 3 visits with him GENTLY working at my neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, palm and fingers I have greater mobility and less constant pain. There is discomfort after his visits but I remind myself that this is improving overall. Please don't just "wait two years" without trying some things to help yourself. I know I just got frustrated and fed up and since I became more proactive about this darned nerve I have been doing better. It is soooooo slow but remind myself it IS improving. Celebrate the small gains - like I can do my hair again or type most of this using both hands!! Remember those gains and remember positive thoughts and actions can reap positive results.

good luck, Sandra

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