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i agree with is still a bit too soon(8 weeks is not a long time)to really tell for certain just what is actually causing your symptoms.i do have RSD in my right knee but the symptoms took awhile after my SNS injury to actually show themselves.what you are experiencing could be caused solely due to the level of trauma and the nerve damage itself,not actually RSD.what types of docs have you seen so far?was there any hope of any type of nerve repair?you really should be in physical therepy trying to remotivate the fingers and get at least some of your fine motor back.i suffered a rather significant amount of spinal cord damage which hit my left hand extremely hard.i lost the fine motor there.i seriously could not even open a packet of flippin sugar while i was still in the surgical hospital.i had completly lost my pinching ability,and a whole lot was pathetic really.but as soon as i was moved to an actute rehab facility,man did they ever work me to death.i actually went in there unable to even use my left leg and actually walked out the front doors a few weeks later.i had some really good therepists.getting into hand therepy for you right now,asap,is vital if you stand any chance of getting anything back within your hand,you just have to.the fingers can regain some of their ability,really.but it takes a good evaluation by a good hand therepist,and lots of hard work on your part to get the most back will never be perfect but you can get some function back at this point.but if you wait too long,you will miss that window of should also be wearing some form of lumbrical brace(the hand therepist makes one to fit your particular hand) on that hand to try and prevent that clawing that is actually taking place there or those fingers will stay that way,espescially without any good PT.i had to wear one for a few months til things became a bit better/stronger with my fingers.i now only have my forefinger that has the slight clawing going on,the others responded really well to just have to do the excercises in order to rebuild the muscles.some are probably completely lost but i can almost guarentee you that some are still workable,they just have not been forced into use for awhile and have become atrophied over time.this happens pretty darn quickly once the nerves have been damaged.espescially when there is pain upon movement anywhere.

depending on who gave you that Dx,you do need a second opinon for certain and also a referral to a really good hand therepist,honestly,they can work wonders for you.looking at what i had to work with post op,i never ever imagined ever getting any use out of those fingers again,but i do have function back and that is really huge.anything that you can actually get back is huge.i suffered damage to my ulnar and median nerves at the c spine level.i also lost,because of that,eight intrinsic(fine motor) muscles within that hand.but the other areas have kind of picked up the slack some for still sucks but it IS still useful.i would most definitely obtain a second opinion and that just really need to do this as soon as possible.i wish you lots of luck with this.please keep me posted on just how things are going,K? Marcia

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