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What the problem is is my left arm. I was in a MVA in Feb. and jammed my arm back into the shoulder girdle. When in the ER the arm went numb and very weak. Then it went away after about 2 hours. This left me though with a weak hand, arm and at times I got numb fingers, the last two mostly, but the thumb also went numb.

Now I had an EMG test done and taking the neurologist at his word, he says the EMG is fine, nothing wrong. Now I get episodes of numbing ache in that arm that radiates up the shoulder and the neck (Had whiplash as well) and the whole arm gets weak and hurts to bad I am taking a vicadin.

So the referred pain I'm talking about is this, can a small branch of a main nerve like the medial or radial, like the suprascapular nerve, which ennervates several small but important abductor muscles, if stretched when you move badly, send or refer its irritation back up to the main nerve and cause the entire nerve and branches to conduct pain messages?

Sorry about the long sentence, LOL! Anyway, why I ask is this, I think I have problems in the rotor cuff area, with a few of these muscles that abduct the arm, because when I turn the arm and hand in towards my body, the strength comes back to the hand. Plus, if I rotate the arm in the above manner and raise it to the side, I can raise it above shoulder level. If I just try to raise it without the rotation, I can't get it past the shoulder. And I get shooting pain down to the fingers. So the problem I think lies in the cuff area, with a branch of one or two main nerves, and when they hurt they talk to the main nerves and send some major pain my way.

Any thoughts on this?

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