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I am wondering if any of you have had a heavy metal test. I went to military doctors for 5 years complaining of numbness and tingling in my feet and difficullty getting up and walking. I've had nerve conduction tests four times and all sorts of MRI's. I also have developed Tachycardia and irregular heart beat. After absolutely no help I went to a local Neurologist who did a heavy metal test and told me I had arsenic poisioning and that I had to find out where I was getting it. Due to the fact that I have a hole in my septum and that the arsenic could not be detected after moving from the office where I worked, it was determined I got it by breathing the dust there. I was the only one in that office. It was an old historical building and I worked there for 12 years. The last neurologist I saw at Walter Reed Army Hospital had also told me I had a high level of arsenic, but he didn't tell me to worry about it nor to come back or anything. I took 400 mg. Neurontin three times per day. I gained 20 pounds in two months. One side effect from that medication is weight gain. I lost 10 pounds right away when I stopped the medicine. I was told I have arthritis in my feet, ankles and legs and that is one reason I have so much stiffness and difficulty with getting up and walking. I changed to a local Neurologist and was prescribed Lyrica instead of the Neurontin and Darvocet instead of the Naproxen the army doctor had prescribed for the arthritis. I found Vitamin B12 with something that helps it to stay in your body like the shot. It cost $40 for 120 capsules. The arsenic eats the sheaf from the nerves and the B12 helps to replace that. I do feel somewhat better, but have an awful long way to go. I cannot find anyone else who has the problem I do. I'm told most people with neuropathy are diabetic and I am not. I would like to find someone else who breathed arsenic like I did that I can talk to.:wave: If anyone has any suggestions about how to ease the tingling and numbness so you can sleep, please let me know!

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