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B12 nerve repair
Jul 9, 2007
I am wondering if anyone can give me some words of wisdom. In May I went to the DR because of tingling (pins and needles) in my hands, arms, torso and feet. My feet would also feel like they were burning. In addition I was feeling extremely tired all the time and the slightest activity wiped me out. I felt short of breath and like my heart was going way too fast. So my doctor ran a bunch of tests and the one thing that came back was a low B12 serum, 184.

I had four injections over four weeks, and am taking 1000 mcg's every day, along with a B complex and a multi vitamin, but don't feel much better at all. Immediately after the injections I have a bump in energy but that only lasts a few days before I am back to feeling like I was hit by a mack truck. The pins and needles have also continued. Now my doctor is talking about sending me to a neurologist.

So what I am wondering about is how long it can take for the B12 to make a difference in how I feel? I am going to have a blood draw next week to see where my level is. Should I be back to normal or is it possible I won't ever get back to normal? Trying to be patient...:confused:

Also, on a side note, my doctor said we will probably never know why my level is so low, but the more I read the more I question if there is value in finding out. I have had issues with digestion for a couple of years, had my gall bladder out two years ago, have IBS, and I wonder if my inability to absorb B12 should be investigated more.

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