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I had a 3 level ACDF in April for significant cervical instability and buldging discs C3-4, 4-5 (already had 5-6 done 4 years prior.) Have had bilateral CTR in the past as well. 6 weeks post-op I returned to work in the OR of a busy city hospital. On the 2nd day, I had sudden 'zingers' down both middle fingers that progressed to tingling in 3-4-5- fingers in both hands. The zingers happened 3-4 more times over the next 2-3 days, then all fingers became tingling. There are times when 1-2 tingle more and other times 3-5 tingle more - but when this happens it is equal in both hands. The tingling effects all 5 fingers. I am right handed. Ortho doc said ulna nerve entrapment but that accounts for only 3-5 fingers. What about the 1-2? Why does the intensity of the tingling happen in the same distribution in both hands at the same time? It does not wake me up - no real pain, just constant tingling. This has been going on for a month. Any suggestions as to etiology and what kind of physician should I seek? I am an active 60 yr old with no other health problems (diabetes, HBP, obesity, etc.)
Saw my NS this morning. Hands might be a C6 problem, which pre-op MRI did say had a slight buldge, but I did not have any symptoms at that time. He left it up to me if and when I wanted to pursue it - just give him a call and he'll order MRI and EMG (would need both.) He is a sweetie. When I mentioned a neurologist, he scoffed and said they would order a whole bunch of unnecessary tests......If it gets worse, or if I develope other C6 related issues then I will give him a call.

Ortho spine doc last week took only front and side X-rays and said the fusion looks good. My fusion was because my vertebrae were slipping in opposite directions, so I don't think at this early stage he wants flexion/extension films. And removal of the 2 discs necessary did relieve me of the line of nerve pain in my upper arm. He was more concerned with the flexion/extension significant slippages and wanted the surgery ASAP - one big bump to the head had the potential of severing my cord. I saw the X-rays and totally agreed.

I'm going to wait it out.
hi sk84, i am also from ct. 1st time i ever saw another ct person here. i had an ortho do my c-spine fusions. at the moment, the only doc i see is a pm. the other docs say they can't really help anymore cause i now have rsd. my rsd effects my hands, wrists, and forearms up to and including my elbows. most of my pain is in the ulnar nerve area. anyway, i have no help from you, just read ur post and saw you were from connecticut and thought i'd say "hi". anyway, good luck, patti h.;)

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