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Wow Everyone Is So Different. I Had Very Cold Feet For Years. I Finally Told My Doctor And He Sent Me To A Nuerologist. They Did AN Emg On Both My Legs. I Was Told I Had Nerve Damage In Both Legs. TheY Called It Monueritis Multiplex. Normally There Is An Underline Cause When You Have This So They Did An Mri Of My Head Chest And Pelvic Area To Rule Out A Malignacy. They Also Did Lots Of Blood Work To Rule Out Things Like Lupus, Vascilitis, Multiple Scarosis Etc. Everything Came Up Negative. I Am Now Under The Care Of A Rheumotolgist. After About A Year The Coldness Turned Into Terrible Pain And Acheness In My Feet And Legs Including My Thighs. They Put Me On Nuerontin. My Pain Was Gone Until The Last Couple Of Months It Is Creeping Back. They Want To Increase My Meds But The Cause Weight Gain And I Can Not Afford To Gain Any More. The Pain Takes A Toll On You And I Feel Very Fatigued. I Do Not Have The Coldness Any More. I Do Remember How Frustrating It Was. Especially In The Winter When Your Feet Get So Cold And Nothing Warms Them Up. I Would Take Hot Hot Baths Letting The Water Run On My Feet And Then Use A Heating Pad And My Feet Would Still Be To Cold To Fall Assleep. Nuerontin Helped A Bunch But I Hate The Weight Gain. Hope I Was Some Help.:)

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