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Hi: I'm with you on this, you wrote my story but I have had idiopathic neuropathy for about 11 years and have rejected all of the dope. I tried Neurotin for a month and it messed up my mind.

From reading this board I realize that either I am tolerating the pain better than most or I have a less severe problem. The whole 11 years I have experimented with vitamins and herbs. I love aspirin but can't take it any longer.

I take valirian root especially at night and give myself vit. B-12 shots weeky. I've taken the shots for about 3 years and I think they help. I experimented and found .5ml shot weekly is better than a 1ml shot every other week.

I am not a doctor's favorite customer. They want $20/shot but I can buy a 6 months supply for $6 at Costco. If anyone trys this, yes you can use a diabetic needle which is painless.

I can also remember the moment I discovered I a part of my foot was numb. The neuropathy took out the toes on my left foot, moved to my right foot then sat there for years working on the rest of my feet. The worst thing was when it took my ankles out, that's alot worst than dead feet.

It's working on my hands now so sorry about any spelling errors I miss, my fingers do strange things.

The last time I went to a neurologist he really went crazy for some reason. I had the worst nerve conduction test he had ever seen and was amazed I could still walk. I think this is because I never gave up going to the gym 3 times a week. Every time I got on the treadmill I felt I was teaching my legs how to walk and communicate with my brain, and after awhile walking got easier and some of the pain went away.

Good luck everyone

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