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There are hereditary cases of neuropathy but this would mean your parents or grandparents, aunts uncles etc may have it, this would probably develop over a long period of time. I may have been unclear about the alcholol but it is an aggravating factor and toxin for the nerves. You are right in order for alcholol to cause this you would need to drink tons for a long time. What I am saying is if infact you do have this you would need to stop drinking all together. Also you are right the weed does not cause neuropathy either infact it helps the symptoms, thats why they make sativix in canada for neuropathic pain and it contains THC and some of the other cannaboids that help in spasticity etc and pain because they have found there are cb1 and cb2 receptors in nerve communiction mainly the large fiber nerves though.
Anyways yeah the hands and feet take the biggest hit I dont know if it is because the contain the most nerves for sense or if they are at the end the line, in all the literature you read people have burning hands and feet effected the most where even a light touch from the blanket can cause alot of pain.
There are also from what I understand different degrees of neuropathy ranging from slight moderate all dead etc. I am preying you just aggravated the nerves maybe with too low of b12 and you said you forgot to take it for a couple days right, or maybe from the nitrous oxide and I hope they are not diminished and just aggravated and thats why you are feeling these symptoms. Let us know what happens on your tests, you sound like a very smart guy , it took me like 2 years and I would say over 100,000k in tests to find out thats what it was with me and many drs. Remember an EMG will only show large nerve fiber damage the ones covered in the myelin sheeth and not the small fibers the ones that have no myelin sheeth and can die very easy, you need that punch biopsy for that

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