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I highly doubt the nerves are dead. I barely drink alcohol (once a week at most, but usually less) and hardly use nitrous oxide. The only cases of neuropathy caused by N2O I know of from the literature is from a handful of people using 24-48 canisters a day for weeks on end. I go through 24 canisters in 1-2 months and stop for months on end, so my B12 levels should be going back up to par during that time.

I am concerned about my health, but that doesn't mean I have to stop using every single recreational drug. There is such a thing as using them responsibly, and I read as much as I can before trying something new. I stay away from nicotine, amphetamines, opiates and excessive amounts of alcohol.

I don't take B12 injections. I take a supplement daily (250mcg) + my multivitamin which contains B12 (6mcg). Ever since the burning sensation began, I've been taking about 1mg of B12 daily.

Today it doesn't feel like it did a few days ago. Now it is mainly isolated to my hands and legs.

I doubt it's the N2O, at least from my usage pattern, and because I get enough oxygen in between hits. I wouldn't think the pot causes it but my brother smoked on a regular basis and he became numb once. He still smokes regularly but the numbness hasn't come back. Maybe it's something that runs in the family?

I'm going to get insurance in two weeks, so I'll have to wait till then before I can get tests done. Thanks for the replies.
Hey Motoxtriplex. Thanks for the replies. I forgot to mention two things, first is that I might be anemic, and second is that I use nicotine on occasion, but very rarely anymore (a few cigarettes a year, at most).

An update on me: I seem to have recovered. After about 3 days I noticed the numbness wearing off. First my body became less painful (due to wearing clothes or using a comforter), with the numbness mainly being in the arms and legs, over the next few days it extended to only in my feet and hands, then just in my fingers. Then I felt somewhat normal, but the tips of my fingers were still numb. I was able to notice this fully by sticking my finger in my ear or my nose to check.

I don't think there is just one thing to blame here. My improvement seemed to improve faster after I started consuming a lot more saturated fats (extra virgin olive oil, 100% natural butter and eggs), red meats and dairy products.

I was a raw vegan for awhile, and I guess this must have depleted most of my B12 reserves, and alcohol/n2o probably caused the deficiency. I was taking a multivitamin and B12 supplement all along, but I know the bio-availability of vitamins in these pills is low compared to foods.

I know we normally have enough B12 to last us a few years stored in our bodies, but I guess that might have been greatly reduced in my case because that number doesn't take into account drugs, food interactions, conditions (anemia maybe?), etc.

To anyone who might stumble upon this: Watch what you eat, and study your body and any drugs/supplements you might be using.

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