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What you are feeling burning and pins and needles sensation are classic signs of small fiber peripheral neuropathy, in which the small C nerve fibers become damaged, reduced, etc. These fibers are responsible for transmitting pain and sensations and are in the epidermal area of the skin.
If you are diabetic this is one of the main diseases that over time will cause these symptoms, howe ever there are several other conditions and things that can as well.
I am very troubled that you say you have low vitamin b12 because guess what on that very small list of what can cause small fiber neuropathy, a specific vitamin b-12 deficancy can do this. You would need to have blood tests to monitor this. Also it sounds like you are taking b12 injections, well how frequently and the dosage may not be enough or to much this is something I believe an endrocronologist DR can monitor or a neurologist with like I said those frequent blood tests. There may be an underlying factor on why the b-12 is low.
Also I am very troubled on your use of nitrous oxide not to be confused with nitric oxide. It sounds as if you are using laughing gas to get high. I also believe that nitrous oxide can cause neuropathys and I believe I hear bone marrow depletions and a host of other problems.
I am not sure if anemia can cause this but I dont think so and I am pretty sure smoking the green is not a cause as well.
What you need to get is to get a small fiber nerve punch biopsy done. They take 2 little 5 mm punches of skin on the ankle and thigh and test it to determine the amount of small fiber nerves, and they can see if they are low in count, damaged, etc. There is a website that your primary care dr can order a kit and have this done it is approx $1200 or so, atleast it was for mine.
An EMG test will not confirm small fiber neuropathy only large fiber neuropathy but they usually start out with that test, as per the punch small fiber test is new and not to many drs know about it.
The reason I know so much is I myself have some of those classic symptoms you mentioned and my small fiber neuropathy was determined using that punch biopsy test after approx 2 years of tests and numerous dr's. Mine was related to a toxic exposure.
I would suggest you get this test done and go to a dr get some blood work for you b-12 and stop using nitrous oxide or any other type of toxins this includes alcholol. If the nerves are dead there are a few medications that can help like lyrica, methadone, narcotics, amitriplyine, lydocaine etc but if the nerves are dead it pretty much not reverseable and you will have alot of pain sometimes they can regenerate but takes years and never fully they sprout.
You need to look into this you do not want to have a chance of an underlying problem that may need to have treatment and have it get worse and worse and worse.

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