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Hi all,

I have an appt. with a neuro in 2 wks (couldn't get in any sooner), so I was hoping to get some advice in the meantime on problems that I'm having. I'm a 31 yr old female, and had a car accident, which I was ejected out, and the car landed on top of my back-about 12 years ago, which damaged my right kidney (three fractured vertebra also). The docs left half the kidney in that was still functioning. I have not had it looked at since. (just some background) I have felt fine for years, except for palpations. (I was also dx with mvp, but do not have any structural heart abnormalities, just a clicking noise murmur).

About three wks ago, I noticed I had a slight tremor in my right hand. On about 8/1/07, I noticed a definite tremor in my right thumb; throughout the next week, I've experienced: the tremor traveling into my right ring finger; both of my thumb pads hurt; I now have pain in my left hand, and my wrists and inner forearms hurt (the wrist pain is sporadic); and my right hand is jerky. Its been about two weeks now, and I'm shaky, with the tremor coming and going. I have also been having pins and needles all over my body that itch after I feel them. They are random, and I won't have them for maybe a couple of hours, but then I'll feel one or two, then I'll feel maybe four or five, just anywhere on my body, my side, my toe, my thigh, my breast, my shoulder, my finger... Also, on 8/1, my big toe went numb (just for about 20 min., haven't had any problems with numbness since). This has been going on since 8/1, and I've been tempted to go to the ER, but I feel like I would just get a general practice doc that wouldn't find the problem, and that would be expensive. So I've scheduled the neuro appt. soon, but I was wondering if anyone else is having these kinds of symptoms? Currently, I'm slightly shaky, my right had slightly jerks, and on both of my hands, my fingers feel like they have been slightly stubbed, my wrists feel like I have carpal tunnel, and I don't feel like I have very good control of either of my ring fingers. The random pins and needles all throughout my body eliminates this just being carpal tunnel. I immediately thought MS, (I have an uncle that has it), but I really haven't had trouble walking (although I do feel shaky sometimes), nor am I feeling fatigue. Bowels are normal. Does anyone have any insight on what I might be dealing with? I appreciate any help!!! I'm just so scared.:confused:
Thanks- itchy and jerky

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