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I have had pain in my pinky- the joint closest to the hand with numbness and tingling. I have an autoimmune disorder and am on prednisone, plaquenil and other NSAIDS. None of these meds help the pain. It is hard because it is my dominant hand. I had cervical x-rays which showed some compression of the vertebrae, in c4-5 5-6, and narrowing possibly due from muscle spasm/ The dr. that read the report suggested an MRI. it sid some other jargon but I don't remember. I had ulnar nerve testing today and it came back negative. I was shocked! With the numbness, tingling and constant pain I am having I thought for sure It would be positive. My rheummy wants to put me on stronger NSAIDS, and hold off on the MRI because of the expense. (go figure) He said if it isn't better in a month, he will refer me to a hand surgeon. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? Any suggestions to rid the pain? I had a cortisone injection into the joint a week ago and it felt great for 2 days, then the pain was right back just like before. My hand is useless. I drop things, cant write well, can't open anything, and feel like it just doesn't work right. Any comments are welcome. :) Thanks in advance. I guess my dr. was thinking cubbital tunnel or possible peripheral neuropathy from my auto immune stuff??

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