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I don't know alot about neuropathy but I did have cubital tunnel syndrome of my elbow which left my pinky and ring finger numb. Also I had muscle atrophy, shrinking of my hand muscles which caused me to drop objects easily. A nerve conduction test is used to test the nerve response of the ulnar nerve although from what I hear not all doctors go by this test for diagnosis of cubital tunnel. They usually try conservative methods such as wearing a splint at night or wrapping your arm in a towel, jelly roll style to keep your arm straight. Bending your arm can make the problem worse while sleeping which is why they suggest a splint or towel. Also not leaning on your elbow and physiotherapy. They generally try conservative methods first since sometimes that helps the problem. Otherwise surgery is sometimes the next step. I'm not a doctor, just going by what I went through, what was suggested.

Hope this helps. :)

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