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Re: Neurapathy?
Sep 27, 2007
No, don't get jolting sharp pains although I have had the odd jolt in my elbows. I mostly ache all over. I feel like someone has punched me in the upper arm, and kicked me in the the butt. My legs are not numb but on going with pins and needles. It is most sore in the morning when I wake up it is awful trying to use my arm to get up in bed. Again at night while reading it strikes again in my arm,elbow,wrist and fingers. It feels more muscular or nerve pain than joint related. Like my knee doesn't ache but above my knee does. My neck and above my shoulder blades. It is so hard to explain because it seems to change daily, mind you some of the pain areas are constant. I go to the Dr for my test results and more than anything I hope something shows up so I know that something is really causing this. I just want to know and want to know if I can exercise with the pain, I don't want to do something to make it worse. I have started walking my dogs at the beach 1/2hour daily but the next day I can barely walk, my hips and legs are so heavy and sore. I will never take prednizone for anything but I am taking Advil 800 mg once a day and 400 mg every 6 hours after. Eneric coated ASA 650mgx2 first then 650 mg every4-6 hours after. My GP also gave me Arthotec but I think I felt worse taking that. I also have Flexoril and Norflex which I only take if in such bad pain at night. I just don't feel that all these NSAID's are to good for you espcially since I take so many other meds they kind of make me feel yuk and I don't think they are really doing anything. So once I get it figured out I want to get together an exercise routine and maybe some alternative meds to help like MSM, Bromalain, alpha lipoic acid etc. Thanks for your help I need all the info I can gather.

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