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Is there anyone out there suffering form these two diagnosis? I have been in so much pain since 2003..well not that severe back then but enough that it motivated me to seek help and I have been diagnosed with everything under the sun from Lupus to polymyalgia rheumatica! Anyway I have peripheral neuropathy and it has gotten worse since the last year and then I started having the same pain in my hands and arms that felt like my feet! So my doctor sent me to a rheumatologist and I am finally relieved to know that what I have been dealing with is truly real! I am not glad I have the disease, but I am glad to know I am not imagining this. So now my biggest problem is pain. I can not hardly walk and when I do it hurts so bad but I grit my teeth through it, but when I get home it hurts so bad that I am in tears. If I use my hands, the same thing. I am currently taking the maximum dose of neurontin and relafen and cymbalta, and diabetic medication..I don't remember the name as my doctor just changed it. Does anyone out there have any advice and understand my pain. I am only 42 and I am trying to get on disability because I can not work and another depressing memory is shot! I was always a quick learner and fast on my feet...not anymore. I am sorry if I am sounding like I am whinning I have just found all this out and I still have to go to my follow up appt with the rheum. does anyone have suggestions on good questions to ask him regarding seronegative arthritis? First let me say that I am in the process of applying for disability so I have only seen my rheumatologist one time. He drew alot of blood, so I called and explained to the nurse what I was doing and that I needed to know my diagnosis and that is when she told me seronegative arthritis. She would not give me any more information because I did ask and she told me that the doctor would rather discuss it with me when I come back in for my follow up appt. which is next tuesday. I am not a lazy person by any means! My primary care doctor encouraged me to apply for disability before we even knew about this seronegative diagnosis just because of the neuropathy and all the pain that I have been in. My career path is administrative assistant which means alot of sitting, using my hands and walking. My last job had stairs I had to climb and it about killed me! Anyway, right now I am on Relafen 500mg 2 pills once a day. My primary doctor had me on darvocet 1 pill 4 times a day which I feel managed my pain alittle better than the put my pain to maybe an 8 on my good days, but my rheumy said it was addictive so he changed it. I Take Neurontin 3x a day, Trazadone for sleep-ha ha if I am lucky, I am also taking a new diabetic pill once a day, I was on glucophage 2x a day, and cymbalta 60mg 1x a day. I have not started any treatment for the seronegative diagnosis. Is there a treatment for it? Is it as serious as a positive diagnosis?

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