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Two days ago, I had surgery to move the trapped Ulnar nerve at my left elbow. This partilcular doctor has performed hundreds of these and I even had a chance to speak with one of his patients who had much success.

Anyway, I was told to keep my arm in the 90 degree bent position even if I remove the splint for cleaning around the incision. Last night, I removed the splint and accidentally allowed my arm to drop to about a 45 degree angle for a second and then quickly back to the desired poition for healing. Could I have done damage by briefly moving the arm....disrupting the repair?

Also, does anyone know if you should still feel some pins and needles after the surgery, as the nerve heals? At this time it should not be trapped but I still get the pins and needls for now.

It shouldnt really matter though the pins and needles is a bit interesting I thought that was supposed to go away straight away. I've had submuscular transpoitions in both arms. ouch

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