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I'm lost, and so very very depressed that it's hard to care anymore....... I have had pain now for 4 years, and had 2 cervical surgeries within 9 mos.

Aug. 22nd of 2006 ACDF on C5/6
May 22nd of 2007 ACDF on C6/7

C6/7 basically fell apart right after my first surgery, and it was already herniated in the first place, and by the time it was taken out it was flattening my spinal cord. I still have a grade I-II herniation on C4/5 on the right, and grade I on C3/4. Disc degeneration on all levels, and Facet disease along with arthritis. I just had my EMG, and it said:

Chronic left C7 radiculopathy (which is the side all the disc pain was on first). Denervation in the right FDI muscle (no idea what that means), and also right Ulnar neuropathy, and median nerve compression at the right wrists. Funny thing is is that my neurosurgeon does not know what could cause that?? That's how all the crap on the left started, and not it's starting on the right.

I feel like my hands are not even there, and the pain wakes me up in the middle of the night, and also the numbness. In the morning I can barely move, and cannot get to work until about 5:00 PM. BUT now that it is storming I ache and ache and ache, and cannot even dry my hair! I just want to give up! My job includes typing the whole time, and that aggravates the crap out of my hands.

Sorry.... I feel like I am hanging on by my nails, and feel so alone, and yes no one other than you guys would understand this horrid pain, and feeling like your a plugged in christmas tree all day long. Oh and yeah I especially love that tingling or the feeling that ants are crawling all over my head all day long. I am on the highest dose of Cymbalta, and also I take Wellbutrin, and I absolutely hate hated the Neurontin! I take Valium to go to sleep, and that helps a little. I am pretty worried that I am going to lose my job, and even that my husband is getting sick of me being in pain, and will leave me.

I just want to scream and cry, but none of that helps! When it says Chronic left C7 radiculopathy does that mean it's permanent? Or could it possibly still heal? What about the Ulnar and Median nerve thing, will that go away?


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