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Hi, my name is martin and I'm from Argentina, I write this in hope that somebody who reads it can give some useful clue about the origin of my long lasting disease.
Since I was only 14 years old (now I am 22), and over the course of 8 years I acquired many strange and no yet explained symptoms. Today I'll talk to you about only two of them, that seem to be the most promising in relation to elucidate what's going on.
At the age of 16 I started to experience what at first seemed to be symptoms of flu, but that instead of disapearing in a few weeks, lasted forerver. I felt pain similar to that experienced during a flu, on my whole body, aparently on muscles and perhaps articulations, that had the particularity of worsening as the day went by, or should I said, the more time passed after I awoke, the more it hurted. What I want to say in my limited english is that after I i would asing a numeric value to the intensity of my pain, for example, 4 hours after having awoke, the intensity was 2; 8 hours after, the intensity was 4, 14 hours after the intensity was 6, 20 hours after, it was 8, and some days that I was awake for 25 hours, the pain was extreme...
Sleeping was able to relieve the pain, and the more I sleep, the less pain i felt when i awoke. However, if I sleep litlle time, two hours for example, that worsened the pain rather than relieving it. At first, when i was 16, the pain come along with a tiredness, but today I've perhaps got used to it and I don't feel that tiredness much, or don't feel it at all. This pains is momentary releaved to a certain degree by massagin the afected part, and some of the affected part seem to be more sensitive to pressure, which causes pain when applied, something that I think is some sort of proof that whatever that causes this pain is on the tissue itself rather than being an altered perception.
Also, I must say that some times I stayed awoke more than 24 hours ours, and on those occasions, when the pain reached a high level I started to feel nausea and an impulse to throw up. I hypothesize given the intensity of those symptoms that if I would stay awake for tho days something extreme would happen. I should add that at leas wen I was 16, a big quantity of coffee had some relieving effect over the pain.
Nowadays, I sleep 10 or 12 hours, which reduces the pain, but lets me with only half a day to live, and in this situation, the pain is weak on the whole body except for the toes and the fingers, especially around the proximal phalanx and metacarpals articulation.
The one I described was just one of at least 10 symptoms I acquired since I was 14, being the others basically apparently neurological symptoms, like tingling, loss on sensibility on the skin (numbness), hyper sensibility (paradoxes of the diseases), burning sensations, and even total numbness on certain parts of my body. Also, very recently on the course of a week, my left arma became quite weaker than it was, followed by the left arm and the the legs. This sympthom has improved since it appeared a month ago, but it still exists. I tell you this as an overview, in order to ask you about the second symptom I want to discuss.
Even before my extremities became weaker last month, I noticed that when I worked my legs at the gym, the exercises themselves (cuadriceps for example), didn't get my legs tired, but when I stretched them after the exercise for 10 seconds, they got noticeable weakened, and I even found hard to lift them for a while. I'd like to see what somebody has to say about this.
I must add that all types of medical tests (EMG, nerve studies, magnetic resonance of the brain, brain mapping, etc; all normal) had been made on me, but the truth is that since I live in a not very developed city, the doctors I visited had either been not very capable of helping me, or in some cases, I'm sure they actually didn't wanted to help me, since my case was very hard to solve for them, wich makes me really sad. The only study tha actually give a positive study indicated that I've got hashimoto's thyroiditis, but is extremely weak and my thyroid hormone level is perfectly normal (I've got the antibodies, though).
Well, I hope somebody could add a clue I could use on my quest to recover my old life, (which was much better, since I didn't told you the whole story), thank you all for reading this long post, and my best wishes to every suffering people on this forum, goodbye

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