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Nerve pain?
Nov 14, 2007
I posted on the back page but didn't get any reply so will try here. I have had two back surgeries this year (one fusion in April and minor one in August).The first was to relieve spinal stenosis pain in both legs but left was worse. Most of the pain went away except I do have tailbone pain also. I am going to PT to try to relieve that pain. I just saw my surgeon for the last time as I still had some residual pain in left leg and he put me on Celebrex and I worked part time for a few weeks. I told him I just had a little pain and mentioned some pain at night and that I thought perhaps it was going off the Celebrex and he seemed to agree. Well for the last four nights I wake up around 12:45 a.m. with terrible pain in my left leg - usually lower outside of leg and it starts going numb. I can hardly get up but I do and take a couple of pain pills and do manage to finally go back to sleep. I had to get up for work and my leg still hurt but finally after in the shower for a few minutes the pain was better. My husband wants me to call the surgeon (2 1/2 hrs away) and see about another MRI. I am up and ready for my 10 hr day and thinking so he can do another surgery and cause me more pain. It does sound like a pinched nerve but I don't want surgery again. My body is getting tired from all this pain and pain pills. I don't know if the PT could have anything to do with this? Sorry to go on and on. I do take 2 Amytriptolene at night or migraines and pain and 1 Neurontin at night and one during the day and Vicodin when I need it and with tailbone I need it a lot. I really would like someone to answer - you have all been through pain. Thanks

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