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yep.this could be from a herniation or some other type of problem stemming from your lower c spine.this area(the c 8 nerve,also the ulnar) is what actually innervates the pinkie and ring fingers too.tho depending on the level of nerve affectaion,you could have just a bilateral pinkie type involvement.this could be stemming from any area below the c spine too but given that your particular symptom is in both fingers,the likelyhood of the c spine being the problem would make more sense.getting an MRI done of that c spine would really be your best bet in order to really see down to all the areas where compromise could be taking place,the nerve and cord x ray will only show you the outside of the spine and how the actual discs look not the "inner' part that also needs to be seen the most.just make an appt with your primary for a neuro eval and possible referral for the MRI,with contrast.hopefully it is nothing major.good luck and please keep me posted,Marcia

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