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I also have foot drop but mine is a result of right total hip replacement surgery on 9/11/07. I've had no improvement and my surgeon told me that we'll have a nerve conduction study and EMG done at the 6-month mark but I just found the website of a surgeon in Houston and after reading that, I'm wondering if waiting will cause more problems. He does a nerve transfer rather than tendon transfer and he states that doing it more than 6 months after the injury lowers the chances of good results. I'm so confused about this but I'm thinking that I would rather have a nerve transfer than a tendon transfer. However, I'd have to move pretty fast on that and that scares me. I'm hoping that someone with knowledge on this posts here because I need information too.

I wish you the best jiasent and if I find answers, I'll let you know here.
I had PT but with focus on regaining flexibility of my left knee and ankle after the surgery. The doctor (an orthopaedist) who performed the surgery told me that both my deep peroneal nerve and the muscle in the anterior compartment are damaged and it is very unlikely the nerve would come back. Later I had two EMG and nerve conduction tests (4 months apart) which did not show any improvement.

I have searched the internet about compartment syndorme regarding nerve damage. My understanding is that irreversible nerve damage occurs after 12 hours after compartment compression. I had the compression for about 48 hours before the surgery.

I am not aware of any PT specific to nerve recovery. I will check around.

I have also consulted with Dr. Nath in Houston who is the inventor of nerve transfer procedure. But my case is not suitable for it because of the muscle damage.

I have also consulted with a foot/ankle specialist (podiatrist). His suggestion is to have tendon transfer after at least 1 year, which my orthopaedic doctor sort of agreed when I talked with him. My orthopaeidic doctor recommended me to have an AFO, which I had but hate it.

[QUOTE=jiasent;3373557]Thank you for the advice: tendon transfer should be the last resort.

I have started PT with focus on recovering the peroneal nerve. It basically involves moving the toes/foot upwards passively and building the muscle strength. I am also given electric stimulations.

I am also waiting to see a nurosurgeon in two weeks and possibly will have a MRI on the nerve to understand how bad/good the nerve is. I will post results. Jiasent[/QUOTE]


I wish you all the best of luck.

I have been monitoring various message boards about foot drop because my four year old daughter has it due to an unexplained injury. She had nerve surgery one and a half years ago and has shown questionable improvement.

We also do not want to have to resort to tendon transfer, especially because of her age.

I'm curious about the peroneal nerve therapy you are doing. May I ask you to be more specific? Did you find a therapist who understands this problem and has some specific exercises to do? We have had mixed luck with PT in our own town. We did find an out of town therapist who uses biofeedback and it involves, maybe similar to your method, trying to exercise the other muscles in the leg

Also, we do threshold electrical stimulation at night. Some still call it an experimental therapy but it has been shown to possibly stop muscle atrophy.

Best of luck to you.
April 20th, 2008 and only 20 yrs old, I had a severe dirt bike wreck and had an extremely severe tibial plateu fracture. Many of the bone fragments got shoved up into my knee doing more damage. After six hours of surgery, a plate, and fourteen screws i was finally put back together. The next evening, i had to have emergency surgery from compartment syndrome as well and lost part of my calf muscle from the damage. Four days later i had my final surgery to getmy leg closed up ending with skin grafts. A few days later I began to notice the numbness and immobility. I realize it has only been 4 months, but so far the only motion i have in my foot is extension(downward motion). Most of my foot, and most of the right side of my leg is completely numb. I have had severe neuropathy which was the most acute pain i've ever experienced! My orthopedic surgeon also has recommended me for a tendon transfer as well, but i'm really doubtful i'm going to allow it. I'm not gonna risk losing my extension. I have read your post hoping i woud find some useful information, because i would love to trash my AFO and walk without looking like an idot!! Like many of you, i have had two nerve conduction tests and both were non responsive unfortunately. And now i'm having kidney problems among other things that were discovered because of my surgeries. So yea, we all have problems and some of you should stop feeling sorry for yourself and be thankful you're alive!! You're only hurting yourself. Not talking about you "jiasent"!

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