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Then this could be a more serious problem than you think so the best thing is to let a specialist look at it. I have issues with my wrists but that is due to nerve damage and arthritis. They don't bother me all the time but when the weather changes it does especially when it turns cold. The onset of cold weather make them and my hands worse, my hands get so bad I can hardly write. I take Celebrex for the arthritis but for me sometimes asprin helps me just as much and just resting them. I hope it nothing no more serious than maybe arthritis. Is there a possibility you could have carpal tunnel sydrome in your wrist? There is a board for this condition under General Health. Also, could you possibly have a cyst on your wrist? In some cases this can be dealt with without surgery. There is a medicine that they used to give for this called Anapox(sp?) is it's not too serious. My ex-husand got one of this yrs ago and that's what they gave him and it cleared it right up.

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