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it would be hard to say what anyone could expect. some people develop pain, others burning sensations, others such intense tingling they can't keep still, while others have no discomfort sensations, only progressing numbness. Your combination of symptoms and the intensity you feel them might not match anyone else. I would avoid some of the more common pain medications that are prescribed if you are able to cope with the discomfort you might feel, as over time they lose there effectiveness and can actually cause further nerve disruption.... after all, they are designed to deaden sensitivity so you don't feel the pain. And i'd be very wary of being presecribed pain meds if you have no actual pain and discomfort. I know of neuropathy patients who have only had numbness issues and were prescribed Neurontin and Cymbalta because they are "neuropathy" medications. yeah.... neuropathy medications for pain!.

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