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[QUOTE=itosalad;3399817]what are some causes of numbness from bottom of elbow down to lower side of hand to the pinky finger[/QUOTE]

Assuming the "numbness" represents some sort of irritation or injury to the ulnar nerve there are a few considerations. The nerve as it passes thru the elbow can be pinched (called variously cubital tunnel syndrome or tardy ulnar palsy). This can be simply mechanical, i.e. you are leaning on your elbow or bending it at your job, etc. or you have some scarring from a prior injury or arthritis - in other words anything that might effect elbow mechanics. The nerve can also be pinched or trapped in other areas like the wrist or neck and shoulder area. This tends to make the nerve more sensitive throughout its course. An EMG/nerve conduction study may be in order. Good Luck....

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