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Hi everyone. My name is Eileen. I am 41 years old and have been diagnosed last year with neuropathy. My neuropathy developed after my gastric bypass, and severe vitamin B deficiencies. I was very sick, on tube feeding for 6 months, and got my bypass reversed in June. So I am on the mend, but unfortunately, my vitamin deficiencies were undiagnosed for a long time, therefore the nerve damage is not likely to reverse. So I have gone through MRI's, EMG's, sensory nerve studies, spinal tap, because I thought I had MS all along. The doc said I do have neuropathy in my right foot, drop foot, nerve damage in my arms, hands, not that severe, but do get numbness and tingling there. The worst is my right calf/foot.
I also have nerve damage in my neck, and I get numbness, and burning in my head from this. Sometimes feels like bugs in there. was a nutritionist who diagnosed my vitamin deficiences and therefore, I have not gone back to my neurologist...should I? Is there anybody I should be seeing regularly for this? I have mostly been seeing my nutritionist, and bariatric surgeon, and kinda feel that now I am on the mend, that I am stuck is this ICKY body, with these problems, and I am out there on my own.
Thanks for your help....I appreciate any answers I can get. Or maybe just someone who understands.
Hi, i am surprised that your neuro didn't include a b12 blood test in his workup,
seeing it can be one of causes of nerve damage, nerves can repair if they are in the right environment, mine has but it is a slow process, i have been taken 1 multi B vitamin every day and 1 b12 supplement as well every day, if you can get b12 methylcobalamin it is much better than the b12 cynocobalamin, as the cyno has to be converted by our liver to get the active form [methylcobalamin]
so if the b12 methyl is available it is a much better option, at least 1 mg a day.
The b12 methylcobalamin is large molecule and is best taken on a empty stomache for better absorbtion.
good luck
Aussie :)

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