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Many mistakes can be made! I have pernicious anemia since 1996, it took three drs including a oncologist and many different tests done by same Drs before I was diagnosed. I was first diagnosed with MS because of the lesions on the brain and symptoms are similar. Then a year down the road I started having other less similar to MS and so they ran bone marrow, spinal tap and another MRI and Cat Scan to confirm the Pernicious anemia. My one Neuro basically diagnosed me while talking to me, I couldn't even subtract 99 from 100 (I do accounting in my job)I had to work it out on paper. I also got my pronouns and nouns mixed up in usuage and it all was affecting my job. I initially went to the Drs because of constant neck pain. I do have reverse lordosis in the upper spine and facet joint disease, bulging discs in the neck anyway! The final diagnosis was so long in coming that I have irreversible nerve damage. I had injections 4 times a week for the first 2 yrs because the b12 level wouldn't go above 400 and my energy level never improved for a couple more years. Now after all these years I inject myself once a week, take a blood test every 3 months to check level as I lose b12 fast if I go two weeks without a shot. After 12 yrs of injections I'm as good as I'll get. No longer work anyway as I lost my job over that and carpal tunnel which was in realty the neuropathy. So it pays to get second and even third opinions and get test done at more than one lab like they did with me, it takes a while but at least you may end up with a correct diagnosis. With people like me who have multiple medical conditions with similarity several opinions are a must.

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