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[QUOTE=faris1877;3507331]Hi again,
Thanks for all the advice everyone. You all have proved more informative than my doctors!
I did have a glucose test a few months ago as part of a physical came back normal. The doctor put me on mirapex for RLS to see if thats the issue, but I can't imagine it is.He didn't mention a skin biopsy, only told me he doesn't believe its neuropathy. Maybe he's done all the test for causes of neuropathy and came up with nothing so he assumes it cant be it? Based on my research, even if it is neuropathy, all thats left (if it isn't RLS) is idiopathic neuropathy, so i will likely just have to just learn to live with it?

Thanks again for all your help![/QUOTE]

Hi again, typical signs of small fibre damage are burning, tingling, sharp prickly jabbing sensations and numbness can follow.
It sure makes me wonder why your neuro hasn't done a skin punch biopsy or at the very least Quanitive Sensory testing as it is normal procedure for detecting symptoms you describe.

I am curious to if you have actually have had a 2 or up to 5 hour glucose tolerance test or just a fasting glucose test ? as the fasting glucose test is pretty useless for detecting early stages of diabetes [prediabetes] which in some people can cause the exact same nerve damage as full blown diabetes can, it is good test to at least eliminate insulin resistance, even a normal general practioner can order this test, thats if you haven't had it yet, of course.

Gluten sensitivity is another that can cause neurological problems, toxins, lack of B1, B6, B12, with b12 a score of below 500 is very suss by Japaneses standards, i keep my b12 level well over 1,000 by supplementing 1 mg daily of b12 methylcobalamin on a empty stomache, combined with a multi B as the b12 needs the other B's vitamins to work properly. B1 taken in divided dosages during the day can help the burning in some, but b6 can be toxic in large doses and must be limited as it can actually cause PN, " P5P " the active form of B6 is a better choice, i wonder if your neuro has tested for these other vitamin deficiencies.

I hope you haven't got PN, but i wouldn't leave any stone unturned if it persists or gets any worse.
good luck with it anyway.:)

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