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[QUOTE=HelpJulie;3492029]2 years ago I was running (as usual) and felt a sharp pain pierce the left side of my left foot. I was wearing old shoes with poor support and had just made the seasonal switch from treadmill to outdoors. My diagnosis was sharp pain while walking, continued pain without walking, and a tingling sensation. Within two weeks I went to my first doctor and began my array of tests. Nothing showed on x-rays (have had numerous ones done). The only thing that showed on an MRI was arthritis in my big toe. A bone scan months later revealed severe trauma in my entire left foot. 8 months after the initial injury I went to an orthopedic surgeon who diagnosed me with nerve damage and put me on neurontin/gabapentin. Immediately I could walk with significantly less pain, but the pain never went away. (Side note: Meanwhile, lower back pain developed from 5 months walked unevenly in a walking boot as well as severe shooting pain in my right leg IT band area—nothing showed on xrays or MRI and I’m still undergoing physical therapy). The initial injury was closest to the 4-5 area. My surgeon believed that doing surgery between 3-4 would take care of the pain between 4-5. 15 months after the injury I underwent surgery. I had a 3-4 neurectomy and a 2-3 neurolysis. My pain lessened after surgery but never went away completely. I had to resume taking neurontin to help with pain. A few months after surgery I began to also experience pain in my right foot (same pain only started gradually instead of from an athletic injury—began at 4-5 and gradually spread everywhere). I was fitted for my 3rd pair of orthotics. A few weeks later I was walking and felt a sharp pain pierce the right side of my left foot, particularly in the toe area. Now I have pain in both feet just about everywhere. It is painful to walk. Does anyone have any idea what is going on with me? My doctors are puzzled. At one point they suggested neurological testing (diabetes, syphilis, alcoholism, leprosy); however, bloodwork doesn’t suggest diabetes, syphilis is medically impossible for me, I don’t drink, and leprosy??? This started as an athletic injury (so to seem) but now is everywhere on both feet. Can anyone help me?! What is going on with me???[/QUOTE]

Hi Julie, i would find a neuro that specializes in Peripheral Neuropathy, besides diabetes there are many, many other possibilities that can cause nerve damage that should be tested for, could be as simple as a vitamin deficiency like B1, B12, B6, vitamin E or even folate deficinency but there are heaps of other reasons that can be tested by blood and urine tests.
good luck with it anyway
Aussie :)

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