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[QUOTE=Camryn;3511071]Over 3 years ago my Mother began complaining of feeling burning on her legs, or sometimes other places along with what she described as dizziness, which we later determined to be a 'foggy' feeling, like someone has a hold of her head. I took her to numerous specialists and she had many tests that all were negative. The neurologist said she did have some neuropathy when he checked her feet but not to be overly concerned.
Now it's 3 years later, she still complains of the same symptoms but has added swelling of her feet that nobody can see, not a Dr or a nurse who checked her. She swears they are swollen. She says it's caused by eating anything sweet. She also says she turns bright red at night. The Dr was at the house at night and couldn't determine any color changes.
She has been taken off all medications except one for her bowel function.
I am at my wit's end as she refuses to leave the house now, saying she doesn't feel well enough. Her primary dr wont hospitalize her because she cannot give a diagnosis, or find anything.
I feel like I am failing her because she says the same thing day in and day out, about the dizziness and redness and swelling.
Do these symptoms sound familiar for anything that the Drs may have overlooked?[/QUOTE]

Hi, i am sorry to read your mother is suffering, the first thing that come to mind was if she has a reaction to sweet things then her blood sugar levels should be checked out, i don't mean a fasting glucose test either they are not good enough, the best way is from a 3 or up to 5 hour glucose tolerance test,
it shows how our systems reacts over time to a very sweet drink, she may not be diabetic but prediabetes can give the same symptoms in some people.
The swelling feeling is not unusual with some neuropathies, they may appear to be normal but the feeling is real to the patient, mine felt the same.
Has she had a skin punch biopsy or Quanitive sensory testing yet ? the burning usually indicates small fibre nerve damage, vitamin deficiencies is another that should be considered as well as many other possibilities.

Aussie :)

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