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Hello everyone,
I'm a 25 yr old female who has been suffering with foot drop for the past 16 yrs. I was in a MVA when I was 9 in which I fractured both femurs and had to be in traction for 30 days and was diagnosed with peroneal nerve palsy. To make a long story short, the surgery was fairly new then and since I had been through so much already I decided against having the tendon transfer.
Fast forward 16 years-
I had a pretty normal life, I never let my foot drop prevent me from doing anything. I chose not to wear the AFO (kids are very cruel during middle school and high school) but was still able to participate in cheerleading and other activities. I began having hip pain about 3 yrs ago and was treated for many different things. I was finially diagnosed with an FAI (Femoral Acetabular Impingement) and a large Labral Tear. I am now 6 weeks post op from a surgical hip dislocation and labral debridement. This surgery has me considering the tendon transfer, I am wondering if anyone has had success with the tendon transfer after so many years. Please if anyone has any information I would appreciate it!

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