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I just had a ultrasound on my ulnar nerve, and they found a neuroma right by the elbow. I had surgery in 2006 submusculeor transposition ulnar nerve. I never really got better. Went to several doctors, pain specialists, physical therapy, and now they finally find that I have a neuroma that's been causing all the pain. Anybody else dealt with this? And what were your options for treatment for a neuroma? Surgery? What does it entail?

I was diagnosed with a neuroma on my ulnar nerve in 1993 and was told that surgery was optional unless it was bothering me. I chose to have it removed. While I was on the operating table they found it to be a rare and very aggressive form of cancer that was actually inside the nerve casing. I did chemo and radiation and am fine now. I recently found a small lump just above the old site and the MRI led them to the same diagnosis as last time, neuroma. Needless to say I am having a biopsy. I think it is always a good idea to have any type of growth confirmed with biopsy.
I went to see the surgeon today and the news wasn't good. I actually have two issues, one the neuroma, and two the entrapment of the nerve.The doctor isn't concerned about the nueroma cause it's so small and hasn't really grown, plus it was a result from the previous surgery. Since I already had one unsuccessful surgery, he was not optomistic about my outcome. I'm a reporter and I love my job and he actually said I should consider finding a new career. It was quite depressing news, but I've decided to meet with my pain specialist, a nuerosurgeon. I can't just accept this answer. I think with any chronic pain, it's a real challenge to stay optimistic, and be a good self-advocate. So, I'm going to be the best researcher and walk in paper and pen to all future doctor visits get all the answers and really determine what's the best option for me -- not just let one doctor tell me I have to give up my dream job.
I'm trying to figure out how to post my own thread! I'm a new member (obviously). I'm sorry this isn't an actual reply :-( How do I start my own thread? I've got a question about my ulnar nerve "popping" out of the cubital tunnel. Help?

I went to John Hopkins this weekend to get another opinion. I went to the Dellon Insitute, which specializes on peripheral neuropathy. This surgeon was optimistic that he could help me, but I'm still worried. He has only done 30 of these operations. Both surgeons said that the second surgery is very complicated, and I want to make sure it's done right. I want to get another opinion. Both surgeons I saw were plastic surgeons. I was thinking about meeting with a neurosugeon. Does anybody have suggestions?

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