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[QUOTE=mimi214nc;3533972]Aussie . Is it safe? I seen where there were some death's contributed to using this patch? I know everything has some risks with it but still if it has caused death for some people then I'm not sure if I would feel to comfortable trying it. I just want to feel normal again!!! Also do you have trouble wearing shoes? All I can wear is Crocs and I really wish I could find some kind of shoe that would be comfortable. I found a website for New Balance for people wih Neuropathy but I hate paying that much for shoes without knowing if they really will be comfortable. I have bought so many shoes that i could start my own shoe store! All of them kill my feet now and I'm at my wit's end trying to find some I can wear. Any suggestion's from anyone?:confused:[/QUOTE]

Inappropriate use of medications can be life threating, all warnings should be not be taken lightly & strictly used only as prescribed as with any narcotic.
I do hope you can find something that can help your pain, nerve pain is the pits.
Aussie :)
[QUOTE=mimi214nc;3536556]so Aussie there is a cure for this? I was always told there was no cure just med's to help with the pain and to help you cope with it.If someone has a cure then please let me know.If I could be cured from this I would be the happiest person in the world. I have aways been afraid it would just get worst and maybe even end up putting me in a wheelchair.So any information would be appreciated. Thank's and I also know what works for some may not work for other's, but you never know until you try. Also ever heard of cysosurgery for neuropathy? A doctor in Tampa does this and says it has a pretty high success rate. I've been thinking about calling up my Doctor and see if he knows anything about it.[/QUOTE]

mimi, it depends on what is causing the nerve damage, if the cause can be found and if it can be
rectified then yes there is hope for improvement, the healing process is a very slow process though and depends on how much damage there is to heal.

The general misconception of PN is that PN a disease itself, but this isn't really true, the continuing destruction of the peripheral nerves is caused by something else going wrong within that person, the nerve's don't just get damaged by themselves without a reason, although they know of over 200 known reasons for nerve damage unfortuanatley it is not always possible to find a cause, even with expert PN specialist's working for you, many PN patients still remain idiopathic unfortunately.

If you do an internet search for " Algorithm for the Evaluation of Peripheral Neuropathy " or similar you will get more of an idea to what i am talking about,
The Mayo clinic in the US has some good material to read, the more PN patients know about PN the better, you may even find some tests that have not been done yet, and then able to question your neuro to why haven't they covered that test yet, to many neuro's just do basic tests and then treat for pain managment, it is best to have a neuro that is a PN expert working for you, some neuro's i had when first getting pn were really hopeless, believe me and i use to have respect for the medical profession.

I have heard of cysosurgery were there freeze the nerve but i don't know enough about it to comment, i would really do my home work first though.
best of luck
Aussie :)

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