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[QUOTE=Tanya8;3543281]HI Jean...I have peripheral neuropathy because of an involvement at the knee, and this all started 5 months ago because of a broken femur bone. I know what your are going through with the pain, the pins and needles, etc, and I can only tell you what helped me...I got off the narcotics and the Lyrica very slowly and started taking B vitamins...B1, B12, all of them, but it was particularly B6 that helped with the pain. Of course, I still feel the tingling, and sometimes it's worse than others, but I take nothing stronger than tylenol if I become uncomfortable.
As for the night time, I sleep with a multi podis boot...ask your doctor or PT about it, and it keeps the foot at a 90 degree angle and somewhat immobilized. Although this took some getting used to, I like it now, because when it's in the boot, my foot feels perfectly normal and I can sleep just fine.
As for the RSD, CRPS, I really thought I was developing that too, and so did my doctors. I was fitted with a plastic AFO,---don't know if you have to wear one of those to walk like I do-- and it was sooo painful and awful, and my foot and toes would change colors and be so sensitive. I finally refused to wear the thing and got fitted with a new carbon one. Almost immediately, my foot felt better, and I walked a lot better as well. I've only had it a week, but my foot looks and feels 100% better because it's not being tortured when I try to walk. It still turns a little red, but there is 70% less pain, an no more blue toes.
As for the freed nerve and the neuroma, have you checked with your doctor /surgeon to see if the scar tissue didn't grow back or if the neuroma has returned? Perhaps it's just as simple as that.
Never give up hope on returning to full function...nerves are really strange, and you never know when they are going to heal...if you have any questions, just post again....

Tanya 8[/QUOTE]
Did you ever get a nerve release surgery in the knee?

Where did you get the carbon brace? I think we spoke before. I have a brace similar to yours. Is the 'long bar' portion on the side of the leg or the back. The plastic afos that are pre-made have the bar portion in the back.

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