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Re: Aussie100
Apr 19, 2008
Hi Carolnood, i did answer your question in mimi's post, but anyway here it is -

The PN neuro found the reason for my nerve damage, which was prediabetes, it was found through a glucose tolerance test, as you do not have to be a full blown diabetic for years to get nerve damage as to many doctors believe, some doc's do a simple fasting glucose test which is not a good enough... the rest was up to me to change my lifestyle habits to reverse the prediabetic state, which i did through diet and exercise.
Because of increased urination with diabetes it causes massive losses of nutrients such as vitamins B-l, B-6 and B-12, and the minerals magnesium, zinc and chromium, all of these vitamins are needed for general nerve health.

The supplements i have been using are to cover the B vitamins, i just use a good quality multi B & b12 Methylcobalamin, also use the supplement Alpha lipioc acid, Gamma linolenic acid, Acetyl-l-carnitine, you may like to read up on these supplements doing independent internet searches with Peripheral Neuropathy typed in first then the name of the supplement.

There is no one magic pill that fixes PN straight away, it takes time for nerves to heal, firstly a cause must be found then addressed, once the nerves are in the right environment then nutritional supplements can help the healing process along,which most doctors are not savy to this.

I live in OZ, but i know the Mayo Clinic in the US has neuro's that are PN experts, but i must stipulate not all causes are found even with the pn experts working for you, i know some idiopathic PNer's have found some relief over time with proper supplement support, as mentioned above, it's best to inform your doctor before taking supplements with prescribed meds, eg - alpha lipioc acid can lower blood sugar levels and if one is taken Metformin for diabetes it could lower your blood sugars to much, which is dangerous.

i hope this helps

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