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Re: Input
Apr 30, 2008
Hi Tanya

Thanks for the well wishes. After 13 years, 4 weeks has been nothing! That's how long ago I severed my sciatic nerve, falling thru a plate glass door. A nerve graft was only a partial success at the time hence the drop foot, countless AFOs, foot problems, chiropodists etc. It was all these things that prompted me to search for an alternative and stumbled upon tendon transfer surgery. Just cant believe noone in the NHS (national health service in the UK) thought to mention it to me before, I could have had this done a decade ago..... I'm generally a positive person but last time around I was 90 percent positive, 10 percent negative that everything would heal up. When it didnt happen I was really low, it was a lot to take as an 18 yo kid. Now I'm the opposite, quite cynical that it wont work but secretly hoping it will.

I cant lift my foot at all but can push down a bit, even more so if someone holds it up. So there's a chance it might work. Fingers crossed....

Nerve release surgery is a new one on me, what does it involve? Good luck to you anyway, how you coping with it all? Keep your chin up anyway and keep posting, it's good to hear how others are getting on.

Re: Input
May 4, 2008
Hi Tanya

I didnt know whether to laugh or cry when I read about the SAFOs! I have been seeing the same orthotists for 13 years now and not once have they mentioned that these alternatives to AFOs existed. I remember a few years ago when I was so fed up with my splint and the problems they were causing me I asked my orthotist if there was ANYTHING at all I could do like have another operation or alternative splint. The idea of having an AFO like the SAFOs even crossed my mind one day when I was looking at at a sports ankle support. But my doctor just said there was nothing else to do which, in hinsight, p*sses me off no end. I know he goes to, and speaks at, conferences around the world and must have picked up on developing technologies but never thought to suggest it to me. When I found out about tendon transfers - by chance one day when I was surfing online desperately looking for solutions to my drop foot - I asked my orthotist why he had never mentioned it before. His answer was that they had to see how my case would develop and surgery wasnt the answer to everything blah blah blah. It just saddens me that people in the medical profession have it in their hands to make a REAL difference to other people's lives but sometimes choose not to do so. :confused:

On the plus side I am quite excited by the SAFOs so thanks for pointing that out! If my tendon transfer doesnt work out then at least I have another possible fallback option.

Regarding the current situation, my foot is quite sore today. I've been quite active this weekend so maybe I need to rest up a bit. My cast is due to come off a week on Thursday, so we will see then what the future holds. I remember Kippa saying on the old thread how, after 6 weeks, he had made good progress but then had to have the cast on for another 6 weeks so I'm not taking anything for granted. Feel a lot better, though, knowing there are other alternatives out there if this doesnt work. So thanks to you for that. :cool:

How's things with you? What's the next step in your recovery? Are you coping ok? :)

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