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Hi lynxgal, there are many causes but the most common are diabetes & prediabetes, toxic causes, vitamin deficiencies like B12 & folate, hypothyroidism, pressure on the spinal cord , Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) taken in excessive amount, certain cancers, liver or kidney problems, excessive use of alcohol which leads to Thiamine deficiency, some prescription drugs even cholesterol lowering drugs [statins] are well known to cause problems in some people and then there are some that can't find a cause [ idiopathic neuropathy ] even with the most intensive workups.

Others here may not agree with me, but I found most normal neuro's in the beggining of my pn didn't know very much about neuropathy at all, only the very basics, it wasn't until i found a neuro that specialized in neuropathy that the cause was found and treated.

good luck anyway
Aussie :)
Hi again, may i ask what the B12 reading was ? the reason i ask is that sometimes what some doc's classify as normal range can be on the low side, by memory a score of less than 350 is suspicious but apparently going by the Japanese PN experts say a score of under 500 is suspicious of b12 defientcy.
A normal serum b12 test only really tests for how much b12 is floating around in the blood, not how much is in the cells, were it counts.
A methylmalonic acid test is a much better indicator of people being damaged by B12 deficiency, but unfortunately not always done.

i hope they find the cause of your nerve damage, best of luck

Aussie :)

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