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Hi! I fell down on 4-10-08 during a final bad blizzard and hurt my right knee initially. I did have P.T. for that knee for 2 1/2 weeks and now its doing great. I can bend it normally and it functions at a normal level. I saw my Othopedic at a 3 week check up and at that time I was experiencing some off/on tingling and persistent some numbness on the outer side of my lower right leg. It was at this time that he suggested that I may have damaged my right leg. Now I have an EMG scheduled for 6/25/08 to see whether or not my nerves and/or muscles are working properly or not. I read on several posts about this condition on this site and from what I read, it sounds like surgery may be the best option eventually. I want/neet to get this condition treated as it is giving my lots of problems. I do not think it is safe for me to drive with this problem, so I need answers fast. Also in addition to my symptoms, sometimes my right foot gets ice cold and sometimes my right leg won't move on its own so I have to move it with my arms- I lift it. These symptoms are making my limp, which is not good because I already have a slight limp on my left leg due to Mild Cerebral Palsy. Any suggestions and/or advice would greatly be appreciated!! <><
I'am going to have a nerve test soon and I'am wooried about the consequences of the results if they report that the nerves are dead. I'am thinking about you pain and problems. KK

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