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Hello, I'm new here and very scared! I'm a 33 year old female and used to be very active. I have not had any accidents or can recall ever hurting or straing my back at all! I've been dealing with this for about 3 yrs thinking I have just had somthing pinched!
It all started in 2005 before I got married and would walk laps around the park every morning. Then all of a sudden after I would walk a few laps my left leg would feel like dead weight and weak like I would have to drag it to get back to my car!! Then my left thumb went numb! The numbness in my thumb went away but I would have numbness hit in patches like the top of my thighs or calves then would eventually go away. The weakness has always came and went with activity like exercising or cleaning.
Thinking I have somthing pinched I have been to a chiropractor twice, the first sessions in 2005, (helped with the weakness, at least I didn;t notice it as much) the last sessions being this last March. Chiro x-rays only showed my head and neck kindof goes forward and I have a bone spur on my left heel. NOTE: I have not been exercising at all!
Last month I woke up with both of my feet numb! It has spread into my calves! I have horrible weakness in my legs. I cannot walk any distances at all now. The numbness comes and goes in my tailbone and around my bowel area which scares me. BUT I haven't had any loss of control of my plumbing! My doctor ordered x-rays and MRI of my lumbar spine. She has excused me from work until I have been cleared by the neurosurgeon she reffered me to. She told me I had herination in my L-5 F-1 disc, and told me to prepare to be hospitalized when I go. Went to neurosurgeon, and after looking at my MRI and doing some tests on me says no herination, thats not what it is!!!!!!! Ordered EMG test to be done and sent me home!!!
Had the EMG (no fun) waiting on results, the neurologist that conducted the emg on me wants me to get a brain MRI.
So tomorrow I'm getting a CT scan of my pelvis, (ordered by my doctor) then Friday is my brain MRI. Then I have a consult with the neurologist that did my test on July 9th.
In the meantime my legs get weaker, I have no sense of balance, the numbness is spreading, (into my stomach, left side of back, and my feet throb with the numbness at night). But I have no pain just all numbness and weakness!
I'm sorry this is so long but has anyone else had this horrible numbness and weakness!! I so hope they can figure out what is wrong with me! My employer doesn't pay short term disability and I'm going on my first week of no pay and there is no way we can make it financially with me not working but I can't walk!!!
Any advice, thoughts, would be appreciated!!!


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