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[QUOTE=deckerdawg;3660574]My symptoms are fairly constant...worse at night. I take neurontin (gabapentin). It does help some. Hopefully it was explained to you by your doctor that once you're on this can't just stop taking it. You can possibly suffer a siezure. You have to wean off it. You should search it and read some side effects.
One thing to keep in mind about neuropathy. It is the break down of the sheathing that protects the nerves. This is gradual, and happens over time. In most cases, it's caused by long term uncontrolled blood sugars in diabetics. Funny thing is, my sugars are relatively good for the past 10 years. My A1c's are usually in the 5.9 to 6.1 range. Go figure. Anyway...I hope that helps some.[/QUOTE]

Neuropathy is really catch-all phrase to mean unhappy nerve sensations. The breakdown of sheathing that protects the nerves is only one of many types of neropathy.
For example:
I have Sensoral Axonal Peripherial Neuropathy. The exterior protective sheath is fine. My problem is that the interior layer of the nerve is damaged.

There are literally hundreds of causes, being diabetic is the most talked about by the general population.

I am not diabetic.

My brother's neyropathy had absolutely nothing to do with any nerve sheath deterioriation. His nerve was simply being squished by a herniated disc.

[QUOTE]I haven't started taking it as I have a dentist appointment that I need to drive myself to and didn't want to have any problems driving. I have only been prescribed 200 mg twice a day. Isn't that a pretty low dose?
Yes. 200 twice a day is a nice low dose. Sounds like you have a careful DR. Starting low is the best way to go so you can find out what your reactions are. Generally after you handel that dose they will add more if that low dose does not mask the pains enoough for you.

deckerdog is right, you do have to be careful with Neurontin. But the 200 twice a day is a nice low dose.
Start slow, and if you go off it you must taper down and not do immediate cold turkey.
Right do not drive untill you are sure how you react to the neurontin.

Yes the neyrontin was marketed for epilipsy but it's use a neuropathic pain masker became well known. READ all the info and warning that the pharmacist gave you with the meds.
For some it can be a very dangerous pill, for others its wonderful to mask pain. Soem people get so depressed with this pill they commit if you notice unhappy emotional changes ... call your Dr and stop, by tapering off .
It can make a lot of people sleepy or even dizzy, hence the warning to see how you handel it before driving.
It tends to make my eyes very dry.
You have to discover how it effects your body personally.
Don't take more than you need.
It does NOT cure anything, it just tricks your mind into thinking the pain is less. That's why the say pain "masker".
200 twice a day is, in my opinon, a nice safe starting point

You might be shocked to know some people with bad PN take up to a total of 3600 mgs of Neurontin a day with other meds as well. :eek: My heart goes out to them because I know they must have tremendous pain from thier PN.

I am very lucky that I have good results with a low dose.
I take 200 in the morning.
3 or 4 hours later I take 100 more.
and then again 3 or 4 hours more later I take 100 more.
200 before bed.
That's the level I've used for probaly 8 years now and it's basically enough

I was takeing 200 each of the 4 times a day for a total of 800 a day but it seemed to make me a bit paranoid about driving so I went down to just the 100's in the middle of the day and this level of a total of 600, sometimes 700 total a day works OK for me. It keeps the burning electrical pain competely gone for me. Oh there is always the creepy crawly feeling of a few bugs crawling someplace on my legs or feet but that's something I'm used to.

I have no idea about the tight shoes concept. sorry.

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