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Our opinions can't fix you, but rather just give you some our personal experiences in hopes somehting helps you.
You see, it seems that every case of PN is somewhat diff and diff things work on diff people.

I posted about about the idea that maybe somewhat heat helped my one leg and foot.
However be aware that was way way back in 1993 & 94.
Since this is 2008 you can be sure I have not yet found any cure.
As a matter of fact it is now in 3 limbs. Started in my left arm about 3 years ago.

Once I had my pain masking pills then it became a case of major pain being masked and Though my left leg and foot are no where near the problem of my right, there is no doubt both legs, feet and now my arm & hand are effected by the PN.

Without my pills we are talking ROARING electrical burning running up and down the leg, as well as the pins and needles, creepy crawlies and marshmellowy numbness sensations.

So my problem is not like yours and yet both are PN.

Mine is Idiopathic Sensory Axonal PN and as time passed it now has spread to one arm and hand.
I take Generic Neurontin.
The pills work for me but there is still some problems.
As time passes you learn to handel the problems.

A Neurologists will do tests and try to figure out exactly what type of PN you have and knowing that may help in point the true cause. You CANNOT fix the PN symptom without fixing the cause first. Many (including me) never discover the cause so we have to go with symptom control.

Now about your questions:

Back in the mid-90's I tried 10 sesions of accupuncture as well as Chinese Massage on the legs and feet.
The accupuncture was a waste of money and time for me but the Chinese Massage hurt fiercly, even with the pain pills. After each session I would go home and sleep like a log for 2 solid hours. Very expensive naps. Did nothing toward helping my PN.

I do currently see a Chiropractor, and have for a couple years now. Not for my PN but rather because he is helping my spine greatly. (I have osteoarthritis and osteoporosis but did not have those when I got the PN so it's not related) I love what my Chiroprator is doing to help me and I've been having very good results with what I am seeing him for, BUT my PN is not in any way effected

I've never tried a Tens machine, but once I stepped on the platform of the monster vibrating thing a therapist at The Chiro was using for someone else. I immediatly removed my foot! Holy Moly! The bad virbration feeling from that one second echoed up my foot and leg all of 2 days, even though I took my normal pain pills. If a Tens machine is like that then you couldn't pay me to do it!

I do take B-12 sublingual tablets and a B-Complex just in case they may somehow help, even though my blood test say that is not the problem. Been doing that for probabay 4 or 5 years now.
Spent one year getting B-12 shots once a month, which really gave me a better energy level but did not help my PN.

You have to remember everyone of us has a slightly diff problem and all lumped as PN.
Some things may help you and some things may not.
I do wish you luck in your search for relief.

Keep us updated, since someone may learn something from your experiences too.
Everyone's voice counts.

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