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[QUOTE=woondog;3636552]As you mentioned, some things work for some, some for others. It is well
documented that a jacuzzi (hot whirlpool) is not good for one's pain. In fact
it exacerbates the pain. Not to mention, it is possible to stay in too long and
for some, without having feeling in the legs and feet, one can put oneself
in a dangerous situation. My friend stayed in too long and as a result, he had
to have one leg amputated. That was in the YMCA.
Any type of exercise but especially weight bearing excercise (treadmill)
is great for pain...sends endorphins in to put nerve cells in seventh heaven
the woodog[/QUOTE]

If you are floating in water and don't have sensation in the
legs or feet, the other parts of your body will alert you to
the temperature, not to mention that it's easy to take
the temperature of the water as some of these units have
a temperature display. :jester:

My friend is using 98 - 100 degree for therapy, which is
near body temperature, typically 98 degrees in the
afternoon when the sun is out and the weather is
warm, but 100 degree at night time, two sessions per day.

Works great, the best therapy so far other than being

Recently, after soaking in the tub for a while [60 minutes
+/- 30 minutes], there is sensation on the tips of the toes,
a numb feeling, whereas without the water therapy, the
toes offer no feeling, it's dead, but this sensation stops
upon exiting the spa.

It wouldn't surprise me if the public hot tubs are 'hot',
causing more problems as you suggested, but ultimately
responsibility lies with the person using it and
understanding the therapy they choose to execute.

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